Attendance Information System for OISAA International Symposium Malaysia 2019

A software project for 11th OISAA International Symposium Malaysia 2019. This native windows application has a main purpose to help Liason Officers and Public Relation team to store, manage, and monitor participants data across team members. It has two interfaces; admin portal; and participant self-checkin. An executable program can be installed in multiple device and it is connected to Azure SQL database.

This system has helped the team to identify participants with unsettled problem and successfully reduced registering time up to 80 percent.

Tech stacks

Framework.NET framework 4.5
Programming LanguageC#
DatabaseAzure SQL
IDEMicrosoft Visual Studio 2015

System features

  • User authentication and role-based access
  • Import participant data from excel sheet and CSV file
  • Search participant by name, university
  • Portal and Check-in interface
  • Generate report
  • Create agenda session
  • Admin can revoke session access